stiffness in sex

How to fight with stiffness in sex?

stiffness in sex

stiffness in sex

Sex is an importaint component in the relationship between loving people. Often, the intimacy between partners is not the satisfaction as we are expected from it. Candid conversations and consultations sexologist allow us to establish the true reasons, among which may be shyness during sexual intercourse.

Stiffness in sex is a serious psychological problem that requires adequate perception of reality in fighting with this symptom. The ability to relax or intercourse often depends on the characteristics of psychological education. Low self-concept, indecision, shyness, withdrawal, can talk about psychological immaturity (infantile) and sanctimonious notion of sexual relations. There are the most common causes of intimate stiffness:

-DISLIKE OF YOUR OWN BODY – imaginary shortcomings of the figure are forced to hide the nakedness, fearing disappointment of the second half;

-NEGATIVE ATTITUDE TO A SEXUAL INTIMACY– wrong education in relation to sex or suffered abuse in childhood does not allow you to completely open up to your loved persone.

-WRONG BEHAVIOR OF LOVERS – with displays of cynical relationship with an intimate partner, brutality, perverse tendencies aimed at ignoring the female or male desire, it may be a reaction of rejection, does not fully liberated in bed.


– Women’s stiffness during sex may directly depend on the obsessive fears: pregnancy, the dangers of venereal disease, rejection by a partner. These phobias do not interfere with sexual intercourse, but do not allow to fully relax and have fun. To overcome the existing problems will help create a comfortable atmosphere for a partner based on trust and mutual respect.


To conduct a full sexual life, which is to bring pleasure and positive emotions, should be guided by some of the recommendations, allowing beloved fully open to each other:

-CONFIDENCE– satisfaction with your own appearance and actions helps to realize your own importance;

– it is able to arrange for a partner and cause his desire; –VISITING A SEX SHOP

– shyness can be overcome with the help of visiting store of intimate products. The effect not only enhances the visit and inspection of the “attractions”, but the acquisition and verification of purchased in practice. From the very begining, you can do it yourself, and then together with a loved one; –


– to ginush with the embarrassment you can use subdued lighting, scented candles, a table lamp with shade. Light effect will create a comfortable environment and bring together partners;


– stiffness during sex may directly depend on the choice of places for lovemaking;
atmosphere should be situated, without the presence of strangers and focus on distracting things;

– aromatic oils added to a bath, a glass of light wine to help tune in to sex. In addition, a pleasant smell clean body further ons, allowing to forget about minor thoughts and deeds;


– do not enter into your own feelings and thoughts. Trust figuring desires and fantasies while talking with your loved one will help to understand what he likes, and try to translate these desires into reality. Quite naturally, to open up and take a step towards each other, voicing all that worried should both partners. Later this technique can be practiced more free and relaxed. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and introduce sex life is something new. It is advisable to speak openly about what you like and do not like, offering your own development. However, remember that love and attentive approach to each other are the basic conditions for a harmonious relationship and trust between man and woman.

TOYS THAT CAN ACCELERATE Is not accepted to remain sex silent. If a young man or woman openly express their erotic thoughts, desires and fantasies are divided, able to diversify the intimate life, there is nothing reprehensible.
The only thing that rarely lovers shared between themselves, it’s intimate disadvantages of each other and causes of dissatisfaction. Rare woman will be able to tell her partner that she can not feel pleasure during intimacy. The doctors, sexologists found it very real problem for which solutions need a comprehensive approach.


There are many reasons why a woman can not reach the highest degree of pleasure from sex. This may be a psychological problem, dissatisfaction with herself or her body. In such cases, to accelerate orgasm girl should understand themselves, to eliminate the psychological barrier that prevents to reach the summit of bliss during lovemaking closeness. Also isolated the reasons, the health of your partner. For example, hormonal imbalance is able to deny the possibility of obtaining pleasure. To eliminate this factor you need to see a specialist who will prescribe hormonal examination. Irregular sexual life can also affect the ability to have fun. The more often a woman comes intimacy with a man, the more intense becomes the blood flow in the pelvis and the faster it reaches the highest point of sexual tension.


The sex industry does not stand still: in intimate stores there are new products for the pleasures of love. Interest in sex toys is shown not only men but also women. In recent years become popular to give girlfriends erotic objects, the task of which brighten up the women’s loneliness. Often, these gifts are made with humor, but often the assistants for those who want to divelop sex life or survive difficult times in the absence of a partner.