Sex every day – good or bad?

Sex every day

Sex every day

Sex every day – good or bad? The frequency of sexual intercourse between a man and a woman depends on the phase relationship in which the partners reside. Some people believe that sex – exclusively physiological pleasure. But their opponents believe that close relations are not just physical point, it shows the level of trust and emotional relationship between two hearts. Partners do not hesitate to say: “I want sex every day,” revealed to one another, and to give the desired, look much younger than their biological age. This is due to the release of testosterone and estrogen during sexual contact. Frequent sex is able to relieve physical tens, stress, help get rid of excess weight, as well as several times to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Is it useful to have sex every day?

Love the proximity of interests of both sexes from a medical point of view. It positively affects everyday. Proximity to the body or, alternatively, can be harmful to health? The answer to this question can be quite controversial, but still dominated to the positive. The positive effects on health: -Reduction of inflammatory processes – due to internal uterine massage is enhanced blood flow and activation of micro-organisms to combat inflammation;

-Distancing menopause – with regular intercourse occurs rejuvenation of the external and internal fabric of the female body.
-Good blood circulation is actively nourishes all the cells; -Support the musculoskeletal system – an intimate relationship positively affect the muscle tone, effectively replacing the physical activity;

-Cancer Prevention – regular massage breast can prevent the occurrence of malignant tumors, stagnation in the chest; -Improvement of brain activity – it is possible to have sex every day for the activation of the brain, which contributes to increased blood flow during sexual load; -Cosmetic effect of sperm – sperm is the best cream containing the active protein that is in contact with the skin has a nourishing and softening effects. Sexologists also distinguish the positive aspects of a psychological nature:

-Prevention of adultery – a man by nature polygamous, they need more physical pleasure than women. To keep the family hearth partner need to fully meet the needs of their own half; -Positive emotions – production of “happiness hormones” during intimate intercourse allows you to stay in a good mood;

-Convergence – frequent love joy unite people, increasing the level of trust and confidence, taking the stress load.
This close relationship can replace sleeping pills. During orgasm, there is an emission gipnopeptids, relaxing a person and contributing to the rapid fall asleep. In addition, with frequent sex acts a man and a woman accustomed to each other, which allows to plan pregnancy without fear of complications.

I want sex every day – it’s pathology? There is a conventional contact frequency – 2-3 times in 7 days. Most of amorous couples does not exceed these limits. But there are lovers who are not satisfied with such a rhythm, and they want to find out whether it is possible to have sex every day? Number of sexual intercourse depends on the individual demand. The ideal situation is considered to be a small deficit of sex. The most common cause of daily intercourse is no need for proximity, and the desire to attract attention and to compensate for the voltage. Sometimes it may be present jealousy factor. Frequent sexual intercourse stimulates the immune system, increases blood flow, physically load the body and causes a pleasant feeling and a good mood. It is believed that intercourse is akin to sports: more regularly than it is, the better physical shape.
Consultation sexologist on sex every day.

Doctors agreed that the daily emission of sperm for 7 days improves the quality of the future generation at conception. Doctors recommend strong sex intercourse every two days. A week before the women’s ovulation – daily.
It should be noted that much earlier sexologists say that an active sex every day can have a negative impact on sperm quality. Indeed, the number of spermatozoa considerably reduced, but for the others who left remaining sharply increases motility and fertilization.

Select the regularity of sexual activity should themselves partners, focusing on their own preferences and capabilities. There are no strict prohibitions for the love of pleasure does not exist. However, some discomfort may occur with different partners in sexual activity, which may be strong, moderate and weak, which determines the need and adjust the frequency of sexual contacts. Therefore, the harmony in the intimate life is achieved when the lovers have the same degree of activity, or are willing to compromise.