How to fight with stiffness in sex?

stiffness in sex

stiffness in sex

Sex is an importaint component in the relationship between loving people. Often, the intimacy between partners is not the satisfaction as we are expected from it. Candid conversations and consultations sexologist allow us to establish the true reasons, among which may be shyness during sexual intercourse.

Stiffness in sex is a serious psychological problem that requires adequate perception of reality in fighting with this symptom. The ability to relax or intercourse often depends on the characteristics of psychological education. Low self-concept, indecision, shyness, withdrawal, can talk about psychological immaturity (infantile) and sanctimonious notion of sexual relations. There are the most common causes of intimate stiffness:

-DISLIKE OF YOUR OWN BODY – imaginary shortcomings of the figure are forced to hide the nakedness, fearing disappointment of the second half;

-NEGATIVE ATTITUDE TO A SEXUAL INTIMACY– wrong education in relation to sex or suffered abuse in childhood does not allow you to completely open up to your loved persone.

-WRONG BEHAVIOR OF LOVERS – with displays of cynical relationship with an intimate partner, brutality, perverse tendencies aimed at ignoring the female or male desire, it may be a reaction of rejection, does not fully liberated in bed.


– Women’s stiffness during sex may directly depend on the obsessive fears: pregnancy, the dangers of venereal disease, rejection by a partner. These phobias do not interfere with sexual intercourse, but do not allow to fully relax and have fun. To overcome the existing problems will help create a comfortable atmosphere for a partner based on trust and mutual respect.


To conduct a full sexual life, which is to bring pleasure and positive emotions, should be guided by some of the recommendations, allowing beloved fully open to each other:

-CONFIDENCE– satisfaction with your own appearance and actions helps to realize your own importance;

– it is able to arrange for a partner and cause his desire; –VISITING A SEX SHOP

– shyness can be overcome with the help of visiting store of intimate products. The effect not only enhances the visit and inspection of the “attractions”, but the acquisition and verification of purchased in practice. From the very begining, you can do it yourself, and then together with a loved one; –


– to ginush with the embarrassment you can use subdued lighting, scented candles, a table lamp with shade. Light effect will create a comfortable environment and bring together partners;


– stiffness during sex may directly depend on the choice of places for lovemaking;
atmosphere should be situated, without the presence of strangers and focus on distracting things;

– aromatic oils added to a bath, a glass of light wine to help tune in to sex. In addition, a pleasant smell clean body further ons, allowing to forget about minor thoughts and deeds;


– do not enter into your own feelings and thoughts. Trust figuring desires and fantasies while talking with your loved one will help to understand what he likes, and try to translate these desires into reality. Quite naturally, to open up and take a step towards each other, voicing all that worried should both partners. Later this technique can be practiced more free and relaxed. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and introduce sex life is something new. It is advisable to speak openly about what you like and do not like, offering your own development. However, remember that love and attentive approach to each other are the basic conditions for a harmonious relationship and trust between man and woman.

TOYS THAT CAN ACCELERATE Is not accepted to remain sex silent. If a young man or woman openly express their erotic thoughts, desires and fantasies are divided, able to diversify the intimate life, there is nothing reprehensible.
The only thing that rarely lovers shared between themselves, it’s intimate disadvantages of each other and causes of dissatisfaction. Rare woman will be able to tell her partner that she can not feel pleasure during intimacy. The doctors, sexologists found it very real problem for which solutions need a comprehensive approach.


There are many reasons why a woman can not reach the highest degree of pleasure from sex. This may be a psychological problem, dissatisfaction with herself or her body. In such cases, to accelerate orgasm girl should understand themselves, to eliminate the psychological barrier that prevents to reach the summit of bliss during lovemaking closeness. Also isolated the reasons, the health of your partner. For example, hormonal imbalance is able to deny the possibility of obtaining pleasure. To eliminate this factor you need to see a specialist who will prescribe hormonal examination. Irregular sexual life can also affect the ability to have fun. The more often a woman comes intimacy with a man, the more intense becomes the blood flow in the pelvis and the faster it reaches the highest point of sexual tension.


The sex industry does not stand still: in intimate stores there are new products for the pleasures of love. Interest in sex toys is shown not only men but also women. In recent years become popular to give girlfriends erotic objects, the task of which brighten up the women’s loneliness. Often, these gifts are made with humor, but often the assistants for those who want to divelop sex life or survive difficult times in the absence of a partner.




TOYS THAT ACCELERATE ORGASM. List of products on the shelves of sex shops is so great that for the beginner can be difficult to deal with it purpose and use.

1. Vibrators and dildos, past characterized by a lack of batteries. Often these items are not purchased for themselves. Such a present on any holiday is no longer something out of the ordinary. Choosing a very big vibrator. Manufacturers have come up with even a model with the ability to connect to a USB port. This feature allows a virtual partner to manage the process and to monitor the situation through special software.

2.Bits and rings. Both toys for orgasm used to enhance stimulation during intercourse. The rings are placed on the base member and enhance erection. Nozzles, in turn, serve to lengthen the male organ. Those and other accessories are often the texture, antennae or pimples, designed to sharpen the feelings of a woman.

3.Lubricants and oils. Tools of this kind can be purchased not only in specialty stores, but also in a conventional pharmacy. Lubricants are classified by the type of sexual intercourse, so have different taste and smell. Oils, in turn, contain pheromones – substances that excite desire by inhalation.

4.Erotic clothing. Option adult toys that best brings variety in love relationships. For this reason, to buy clothes in a sex shop often resorted couples. The range is very wide, so is able to satisfy even the most daring erotic fantasies partners.


This question can not be answered unequivocally. Experts argue over how to use products of the sex industry, and against. But sexologists unanimously argue that if the love game has become monotonous, and enjoy it a rare pair should be at leisure to look into the sex shop to buy some of the attributes, and relationships immediately ascend to a new level. This is the main use of sex toys. Regarding the damage: the only aspect is the possibility of a possible addiction. This applies to those items that are used directly by intimate contact. Constant use of erotic products can lead to a lack of pleasure during sexual intercourse without their use. Toy can not replace the partner, so do not give importance to have sex with simulating objects. One of the main points is hygiene. Every item for love joys must be strictly individual. After each act of intimate it should be washed or treated with special solutions, if possible removed in the case in which you purchased. Complicatoins with these simple rules will prevent infectious diseases of the sexual sphere, causing a lot of inconvenience.


Quite a number of women and men believe that sex during menstruation is bad for health of both participants. Often the cause of failure of intimacy in these days is the worship of one or both partners. This denial formed a common opinion in the society that menses were unclean, and the condition of the girl in this case, be sure to hide. The blood released during menstruation, is a natural, biological fluid, which did not have a negative impact on a man’s penis and the female genital tract. Despite the negative attitude to the sexual act in the critical days, from the point of view of medicine, it is absolutely normal and healthy. If loving people are not sick of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases, sexual relations are not prohibited during this period.


This delicate period is defined, created throughout the month process of lining of the uterus to prepare for the release of future pregnancy. Unaccrued fertilization causes a slight reduction in uterine and menstrual sex can strengthen and accelerate this process. As a result, the egg and an unnecessary layer of the endometrium from the uterine area out through the vagina, leaving the womb of a woman without a prepared natural environment, the ability to conceive. Sexual contact during this period needs careful observance of personal hygiene, since the cervix is ​​opening little, creates favorable conditions for the penetration of pathogens.

Before the start of the menstrual cycle increases the blood levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, the amount of which decreases after a month. This affects rate the blood clotting, which facilitates the withdrawal “poor” blood from the body.


Modern medicine has denied the presence of contraindications for intimate relationships at this time, considering that the girls need such an emotional discharge, which carries a positive experience. Sexology proved that sex during menstruation girls like much more than on ordinary days. This is due to the high level of female libido, increase in estrogen, reaching its peak in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Some couples abstain from sexual intercourse during menstruation, with a sense of embarrassment. This is a purely personal opinion and only decided by mutual consent of partners. In terms of gynecology, a close relationship brings to life the only positive emotions, but under conditions of absence of gynecological problems and diseases. Intimacy these days can be a colorful and passionate. For those who overcame their own fears and decided to try a magical pleasure, you need to be aware of some precautions. With abundant secretions, severe pain symptoms in the lower abdomen and ovaries should refrain from love of the process, to avoid an increase in pain and heavy bleeding. The rest are no special restrictions do not exist.


As already noted, to have sex during menstruation can be, given the risk of contracting infectious diseases both partners. Therefore, the lovers must be totally healthy. If one of these STDs carrier (disease, sexually transmitted), in all secretions including sperm will contain the causative agents of the disease, regardless of the bacterial component, syphilis, chlamydia or HIV infection. In addition, quite a number of partners are carriers of herpes, easily penetrating into the unprotected area.

Popping an unnecessary uterine membrane leaves the womb of a woman vulnerable to the penetration of the viral infection in the bloodstream, so it is recommended to use additional protection for confidence. In the critical days it is not recommended to use the diaphragm or cervical cap. They are able to accumulate menses, giving rise to toxic shock symptoms in women. A loving couple is obliged to always observe good personal hygiene before and after sex. The decision to lovemaking in such a difficult period of time should be shared, based on the situation and personal preferences of partners.

We must not forget that the main cause of dissatisfaction in sex or hesitation when the menstrual cycle or the first sexual intercourse is only our thoughts and understanding, etc. notion emong ourselves and our sexual partners. Full trust and relaxation will help you solve all your problems and live a normal sexual life.

Sex every day – good or bad?

Sex every day

Sex every day

Sex every day – good or bad? The frequency of sexual intercourse between a man and a woman depends on the phase relationship in which the partners reside. Some people believe that sex – exclusively physiological pleasure. But their opponents believe that close relations are not just physical point, it shows the level of trust and emotional relationship between two hearts. Partners do not hesitate to say: “I want sex every day,” revealed to one another, and to give the desired, look much younger than their biological age. This is due to the release of testosterone and estrogen during sexual contact. Frequent sex is able to relieve physical tens, stress, help get rid of excess weight, as well as several times to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Is it useful to have sex every day?

Love the proximity of interests of both sexes from a medical point of view. It positively affects everyday. Proximity to the body or, alternatively, can be harmful to health? The answer to this question can be quite controversial, but still dominated to the positive. The positive effects on health: -Reduction of inflammatory processes – due to internal uterine massage is enhanced blood flow and activation of micro-organisms to combat inflammation;

-Distancing menopause – with regular intercourse occurs rejuvenation of the external and internal fabric of the female body.
-Good blood circulation is actively nourishes all the cells; -Support the musculoskeletal system – an intimate relationship positively affect the muscle tone, effectively replacing the physical activity;

-Cancer Prevention – regular massage breast can prevent the occurrence of malignant tumors, stagnation in the chest; -Improvement of brain activity – it is possible to have sex every day for the activation of the brain, which contributes to increased blood flow during sexual load; -Cosmetic effect of sperm – sperm is the best cream containing the active protein that is in contact with the skin has a nourishing and softening effects. Sexologists also distinguish the positive aspects of a psychological nature:

-Prevention of adultery – a man by nature polygamous, they need more physical pleasure than women. To keep the family hearth partner need to fully meet the needs of their own half; -Positive emotions – production of “happiness hormones” during intimate intercourse allows you to stay in a good mood;

-Convergence – frequent love joy unite people, increasing the level of trust and confidence, taking the stress load.
This close relationship can replace sleeping pills. During orgasm, there is an emission gipnopeptids, relaxing a person and contributing to the rapid fall asleep. In addition, with frequent sex acts a man and a woman accustomed to each other, which allows to plan pregnancy without fear of complications.

I want sex every day – it’s pathology? There is a conventional contact frequency – 2-3 times in 7 days. Most of amorous couples does not exceed these limits. But there are lovers who are not satisfied with such a rhythm, and they want to find out whether it is possible to have sex every day? Number of sexual intercourse depends on the individual demand. The ideal situation is considered to be a small deficit of sex. The most common cause of daily intercourse is no need for proximity, and the desire to attract attention and to compensate for the voltage. Sometimes it may be present jealousy factor. Frequent sexual intercourse stimulates the immune system, increases blood flow, physically load the body and causes a pleasant feeling and a good mood. It is believed that intercourse is akin to sports: more regularly than it is, the better physical shape.
Consultation sexologist on sex every day.

Doctors agreed that the daily emission of sperm for 7 days improves the quality of the future generation at conception. Doctors recommend strong sex intercourse every two days. A week before the women’s ovulation – daily.
It should be noted that much earlier sexologists say that an active sex every day can have a negative impact on sperm quality. Indeed, the number of spermatozoa considerably reduced, but for the others who left remaining sharply increases motility and fertilization.

Select the regularity of sexual activity should themselves partners, focusing on their own preferences and capabilities. There are no strict prohibitions for the love of pleasure does not exist. However, some discomfort may occur with different partners in sexual activity, which may be strong, moderate and weak, which determines the need and adjust the frequency of sexual contacts. Therefore, the harmony in the intimate life is achieved when the lovers have the same degree of activity, or are willing to compromise.